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TYPICAL WORK (Project) examples :-

Below are some examples of the varied type of projects I get involved in during my work as a freelance designer. All these projects have been designed,developed along with full documentation and drawings for manufacture and are in use by my customers.

"Smartair unit " for minor paint repairs to vehicles without the need for a spraybooth.

"Wheelsmart unit" for automobile alloy wheel refurbishment without the need for a spraybooth.

"Infra-red curing system" for paint drying applications after Smartair use.

"Ultra-violet curing system" for curing alloy wheel refurbishment applications when using UV curing lacquers.Used in conjuction with the Wheelsmart unit.

"Spraygun washing station" free standing storage/workstation for paint mixing and gun cleaning to compliment the Smart-repair range of equipment.

"Wheelsmart IR Pod" infra-red curing lamp for alloy wheels refurbishment.

"Parts storage trolley" for safe non -scratch storage of car body panels and parts during repair within autobody workshops.

"Spray booth frontage" re-design of spraybooth frontage to increase glass area ,improve glass assembly/replacement technique and provide stylish functional new hinge design.

"Drum mixer design improvements" For initial mixing of 45 gallon ingredient steel drum before adding to the  production process.

"Knife Beam removal trolley" For operator removal of  knife beam from tape slitting machine. Hand crank facility rotates and re-positions the knife beam at a workable height to ease the knife spacing set-up by operator.

"Spot-welding Jig" -Compliant jig for locating sheet metal pressings onto the X-Y positioning unit of an industrial spot welding machine.Nuts in 7 locations

"Date coder supports" design of standard mounting configuration for easy installation and quick accurate positioning of thermal transfer printer on packaging/labelling lines.

"Ink jet mounting supports" Family of standard parts to be used for the installation of a range of inkjet printers on packaging/conveyor lines

"Belt Conveyor bend" - 90 degree bend for belt conveyor used in baggage handling applications.

"Rise and fall section for track conveyor"

"Typical Assembly drawing example"

"Typical Detail drawing example"